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Membership applications can be processed through your local branch or direct through National Office. Membership of the BSG is open to everyone whatever their skill level, from complete novices to expert.

There are five ways to become a member: All adult memberships receive 4 newsletters (magazine style) in the 12 month subscription period. The Cygnets (children and teenagers) receive a smaller newsletter from the National Cygnets' leaders.

Branch Member - These fees vary from branch to branch, however they will include the 25 Natioanl Membership (from 1st April 2021). AT a branch meeting yoy can socialise with other members and have the opportunity to take part in branch events. The Branches charge a fee to cover hall hire, demonstrator's fees, overheads etc. At Branch meetings you can watch demonstrations of various skills and techniques, there isn't a branch in your area why not consider opening one, support can be given to you by your regional reps and national office.

Individual Member - 25 per year (from 1st April 2021). You may visit any branch at any time and simply pay the branch visitor's fee.

International Member - 31 per year (from 1st April 2021). If you live outside the UK why not become an International Member? (Due to your overseas residential status we are not able to offer our special rates of insurance). Members in their own countries would need to look to open their own branches, this is beyond our control, but support can be offered.

Cygnets Member - 5 per year. This category is designed to attract and encourage younger members. Cygnet groups start at varying ages and include children from an early age to young persons of eighteen years. They are the future of the Guild and as there are limited Cygnet groups in the region, several branches independent of the Cygnet groups allow cygnets of 13 years and above to attend adult meetings.

Honorary Member - By invitation only.

NOTE: A branch member can also join another branch as an associate member where they just pay the branch fees as national fees have already been paid.

Fees pay for: Training judges, Demonstrators, Public Liability Insurance, two National office workers, Website, Newsletters plus expenses like mileage paid out to attendees of the ARM.